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Love & Dignity Goods was inspired by my mother, Sonia Mercedes Holst-Thomas, who is now living with dementia. I wanted a way to honor her legacy as a vivacious, smart and determined single mother raising two girls on her own, and doing the damn thing. Now she can hardly remember our names, but I remember her essence, energy, and her love for everyone she encountered. This is my way of showing her love and dignity and raising money for her on-going care. I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with:
Remember Memories Note CardsI commissioned an artist to paint my mother to memorialize, the ever groovy vibe of her sassy, loving, and vibrant self. The artist, Paige Frieda-Summers is the beautiful creative that captured my mom’s swagger. This is the inaugural batch of Remember Memories Note Cards/Inside blank. Only 33 sets available. Give a gift of a special note to a caregiver or loved one, or just someone special in your life. You’ll be honoring my mom in the process. Shipping begins January 31, 2022.

$45 for a 6 – 5X5 Memory Notes and Envelopes Batch #1 Valentine’s Day 2022 release (Mom’s Birthday) Reserve your memory notes today!  Email with your request to [email protected] a reservation number will be sent to you via email within 48 hours.