Sparked by a caregiver’s need to save time, energy, emotions and the challenge of getting her memory impaired loved-one to change her clothes. Finally, adaptive active-sleep wear apparel created with love and dignity embodied for people with dementia.

Monique LaRue, Founder and CEO

As caregivers, we are all too aware of the daily challenges and opportunities of caring for our loved-ones, but as our to-do list continues to grow, the attention, most times, are on the people we are caring for and not so much on ourselves.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, what could I do to make my experience more pleasant and less time consuming as I faced the challenge of changing my mom’s clothes on a daily basis? And secondly, how could I honor my mother with the love and dignity she so deserved as the dementia dressing dilemma became more complex. Indigo Wears would only solve for a small piece of the multifaceted caregiver pie. The journey through the seasons of my mother’s dementia conjured up a deep desire to come up with a solution that not only worked for me and my mother but for others who MUST be having the same challenges.