1. I am drawing to myself all of the best caregiving support, financial resources, and living arrangements to help me give my mother, who is living with dementia, the best possible quality of life that can be given.
  2. I am well taken care of because I am radical about my personal well-being because when I am intentional about myself, my caregiving superpowers are activated.
  3. I know that I am doing ALL that is possible to do to care for my mother/father, loved one living with dementia. I don’t feel bad about what’s NOT done or is out of my reach to do financially, physically, or emotionally.
  4. My caregiver experience is an express reflection of the gift God/Universe has given me to glimpse who HE is beyond what’s natural.
  5. My compassion and love for the work I do as an employee, business owner, and consultant directly correlate to how I approach being a caregiver to my mother.
  6. My work ethic, creativity, and deliberate attention to finding opportunities to solve issues and challenges come from keeping my eyes and feelings attuned to the needs of my mother, who is living with dementia or who I’m caring for.
  7. I put myself first in All Things so that my mother can feel that energy and supernaturally knows that I am doing okay.
  8. I am not alone. I am never alone. I have ALL the caregiver support I need, even if I can’t see a clear path at this moment.
  9. I AM in the flow; therefore, my mother with dementia is in the flow.
  10. I have everything I need to do and manage this temporary caregiving experience.
  11. I take extreme care of my mental, physical, and emotional being first before considering anyone else.
  12. I AM a strong, clear vessel for which extraordinary caregiving abilities flow.
  13. My life as a dementia caregiver is only a temporary state of being.
  14. I move gracefully and with ease through my daily caregiving routine, and the loved ones I care for can feel that energy.
  15. My life is full because I know I’m equipped to do this caregiving work in my life to this day.
  16. I am full of energy and vitality when managing the administrative and medical tasks for my mother ________, who is living with dementia.