I believe it is important that I create a caregiver manifesto for myself. If you are a caregiver, personally caring for a loved-one, I think it would be helpful for you to do the same. You see, we are all going to have different experiences with caregiving, there is no universal caregiver playbook. Every play is distinctive, every route that takes you the end of this journey is unique.

  • I promise to take care of myself first – even when I feel like I’m not doing everything I can, with the resources I have, to make my mother’s world better
  • I promise to enjoy my life and to continue to declare that I have done more than enough and to be okay with that.
  • I promise to live in the now moments with mom and to laugh at all her hilarious memoryisms!
  • I promise to make her laugh and to give her the biggest, tightest hugs to remind her that I’m still here and I will never leave or forsake her
  • I promise to do everything within my power to move Indigo Wears from her inspiration to impact for other caregivers who are caring for people living with dementia
  • I promise to make a shift in my mental state of being to know that I am adequate and enough for the caregiving work ahead of me.
  • I promise to encourage others and hold them in constant high thoughts for their fortitude and resilience in this work.
  • I declare that my shit is coming together daily and I’m increasing in effectiveness and productivity in all that I do.

Monique LaRue – 2020 Caregiver Manifesto

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